• 3589

    It won’t be wrong if we say Pakistan Super League 4 was bigger and better than all the previous editions, yes the grounds were empty and the opening ceremony was also no less than a disappointment but the player performances and nail bitters made it one of the toughest tournaments ever to be played in ...
  • Hashim Amla Lesser Known Facts

    Hashim Amla is one of the finest batsmen the world has ever seen and many people regard him as the best batsman of this era. His timing, wrist playing and calmness makes him a nightmare for bowlers. We have five lesser known facts about him.
  • PSL MIsbah

    Every year cricket returns to us with different bigger and bigger events. From big comes bigger and from bigger comes the biggest. Although almost all of the cricketing nations around the world that are considered to be the major constituents of the entire cricket on the globe as of today manages to pull out their ...
  • IPL

      We all know that IPL is considered as the biggest league in the world and yes, it is right there are no doubts in that. Money, players IPL has everything. But still there are some things which make PSL better than IPL. And from the word “Better” I don’t mean “Bigger.” The first reason ...