• Virat Kohli

    Virat Kohli is without any doubt the best player ever to play this game. No matter if its Test or T20 no matter if they are batting first of chasing no matter if they are playing overseas or on their soil, Virat never fails to amaze us. Here are five quotes on Virat Kohli by ...
  • 10804

    Cricket is a gentlemen’s game. We’ve heard that quite a lot of times. But what does it mean really? Well as far as we know the term gentlemen and a person who possesses the characteristic to be called such, doesn’t cheat. Keeping the true spirit of cricket alive has been the main initiative of the ...
  • PSL MIsbah

    Every year cricket returns to us with different bigger and bigger events. From big comes bigger and from bigger comes the biggest. Although almost all of the cricketing nations around the world that are considered to be the major constituents of the entire cricket on the globe as of today manages to pull out their ...
  • Cricket

    1. Confidence We all know that Pakistan is considered as the most unpredictable side in the world and there is a reason for that. THEY LACK CONFIDENCE, YASS!! We can see that there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. They have good batsmen, amazing all-rounders and the best bowling line-up in the world. But ...
  • Malala Yosufzai

    We all know who Malala Yousafzai is, but if for some deranged reason you’re unaware of her existence, here’s a little background check. Malala belonged to a small town named Swat, up north in Pakistan. This area was then (2012), under the influence of the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (A terrorist faction)., who were against ...
  • IPL

      We all know that IPL is considered as the biggest league in the world and yes, it is right there are no doubts in that. Money, players IPL has everything. But still there are some things which make PSL better than IPL. And from the word “Better” I don’t mean “Bigger.” The first reason ...