• Virat Kohli

    Virat Kohli is without any doubt the best player ever to play this game. No matter if its Test or T20 no matter if they are batting first of chasing no matter if they are playing overseas or on their soil, Virat never fails to amaze us. Here are five quotes on Virat Kohli by ...
  • AB

      AB was much more than “just a player” he was a trend setter. It was because of players like him that targets above 200 feel easy to chase in 20 overs. We must agree on the fact that it is not easy to forget a player like him. Here are five lesser known facts ...
  • Hashim Amla Lesser Known Facts

    Hashim Amla is one of the finest batsmen the world has ever seen and many people regard him as the best batsman of this era. His timing, wrist playing and calmness makes him a nightmare for bowlers. We have five lesser known facts about him.
  • 6600

    Cricket is a gentlemen’s game. We’ve heard that quite a lot of times. But what does it mean really? Well as far as we know the term gentlemen and a person who possesses the characteristic to be called such, doesn’t cheat. Keeping the true spirit of cricket alive has been the main initiative of the ...
  • PSL MIsbah

    Every year cricket returns to us with different bigger and bigger events. From big comes bigger and from bigger comes the biggest. Although almost all of the cricketing nations around the world that are considered to be the major constituents of the entire cricket on the globe as of today manages to pull out their ...
  • Dale Steyn

    Dale Steyn, as we all know is one of the most ruthless and furious bowlers the world has ever seen. The guy has the ability to change the scenario of the match whenever he wants. There is not even a single team in the world which he has not destroyed. Here we bring five lesser ...
  • Five Ashes

    The whole cricketing world was expecting a tough competition between England and Australia but English side turned out to be an utter disgrace and Smith’s men were all over them from the beginning. We have five reasons why we believe Australia is all over England in this Ashes. The Home Support Although English side has ...
  • Five pictures Virat Anushka

    No more break ups!! We all know Virat, he never leaves any job unfinished and he is the most committed players the cricketing world has ever seen. And he proved that again by marring his longtime girlfriend Anushka Sharma.
  • Dhaka Dynamites

    This is not the first season of BPL, Dhaka franchise have always been the best team in the BPL. Now they are already in the finals waiting for their opponents. Here are five reasons why we believe that DD will win this year’s BPL. The Team With the team they have they can easily compete ...
  • 12172

    The middle class family boy Virat Kohli has become the new face of Cricket and majority of the people rate him as the best ever player to play this game. We will share some unseen early pictures of Virat just to show you all that he was just a normal guy like you but it ...